Slurricane: I Love Basketball For Two Reasons by Will Laren

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folklifestyle:  Photo by @buxtonc #liveauthentic #livefolk

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Os Gemeos painted a Boeing 737 to carry Brazil’s team to the World Cup. Read more on Hi-Fructose. 


Blue heaven.


Nakagin Capsule Tower, Kisho Kurokawa, Tokyo, Japan, 1972 — Heinrich Klotz

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'Her', Spike Jonze (2013)

She came from a background where nothing was ever good enough. And I assumed that weighed heavy on her. But in our house together, it was a sense of just trying stuff and allowing each other to fail and to be excited about things. That was liberating for her. It was exciting to see her grow and both of us grow and change together. But that’s also the hard part: growing without growing apart or changing without it scaring the other person. I still find myself having conversations with her in my mind.

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